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Elastomeric Coating
Company Profile :

We would like to briefly introduce M/s.Gubbi Paints which is a well established organization for the past 20 years, with Structural repairing and waterproofing work being carried out in India. The Company deals with a varied range of civil repairing & waterproofing work, namely Structural repair, carbon wrapping, Glass fiber wrapping, Coating, Stamped concrete, Pavers etc. The name and business strength that has been earned by our organization today, is due to the professionally equipped, who have a varied experience of the Mumbai market and good knowledge of serving the customers to their satisfaction. This is further enhanced by the innovative ideas of the management, who strive from time to time in creating awareness and keeping the company at par to the latest development of today's world.

Elastomeric Coating

Elastomeric Coating is an exterior coating based on styrene – acrylic copolymer for exterior or interior use. Applied as a liquid it cures to form a durable coating, protective coating, waterproof coating.  COATING OF ELASTOMER is a single component emulsion containing inert pigments and has a brushable consistency. Coating of Elastomer exceeds all the requirements of a coating that resists carbonation and prevents chloride ion ingress.

Primary Uses Elastomeric coating (Rainguard):

Coating of an Exterior Paint is designed for the protection of concrete structures against carbonation and chloride ingress. The Coating of an Exterior Paint product is also suitable as a seamless and coating for timber, asbestos/ fiber cement and zinc sheets, asphalt, built-up felt.

Advantages of Exterior Paint (Rainguard)

  • Easily applied by roller, brush.
  • Flexible – capable of bridging cracks.
  • Protective – barrier against salts and atmospheric gases.
  • High-build – masking imperfections in substrates.
  • Waterproof – protects concrete from waterborne salts.
  • U.V. stable – maintains its appearance.


Prime the surface RAINGUARD (An elastomeric coating) with water at 1:1 ratio. Allow primer to dry at least for 4 hrs.


Apply RAINGUARD as an Exterior Paint in one or more coating ensuring a continuous even film. The finish may be textured desired. Successive coating of Exterior Paint be applied at right angle to each other.

Surface preparation For Elastomeric Coating

For COATING all concrete should be treated to achieve a sound, clean surface free from laitance, oil grease mould release agent , residential curing compound, dust or other contaminants. 

Weather Conditions

COATING Of a (Rainguard)  is not resistant to rain until the film has dried. This may take less than 30minutes in hot dry climates and up to 24 hours in temperate humid conditions. Generally, the product should not be applied in rain or if rain is forecast. Similarly,RAINGUARD will freeze in its wet state so should not be applied to frozen substrates or when the temperature is below 5°C, or is likely to fall during application.

Heat Guard (Heat Reflective Coating)

Heat Guard is a single component liquid that is easily applied by brush. Heat Guard can reduce interior temperatures of a building 7 to 10 degrees. Using Heat Guard (heat reflective coatings) will reduce energy needed to cool homes, offices, and shopping centers.

The use of “Heat Guard” Coat on roof surfaces is a simple solution for.

  • Reduces interior temperature by 7-10 degrees
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Creates a more comfortable interior environment
  • Can be applied over almost any roof surface
  • Extends life of roofing systems
  • Easier installation when compare to other alternative surface materials


  • Prevents rise in internal temperature.
  • UV protection characteristic.
  • Reduced building heat-gain temperature during the day
  • Not require a priming coat.
  • Savings the annual Air-conditioning energy use.
  • Improved thermal comfort in buildings that do not have air Conditioning
  • Protects the structures from water Leakages or dampness.
  • Does not peel or crack.


> Open the container and stir well.

> Apply by brush, roller or spray.

> Apply two or three coats.

> Maintain a minimum interval of 4-6 hours between successive coats.

10-12 square meter/ coat. On smooth surface.

Elastomeric Coating

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